Code Of Conduct

BizTeam Code of Conduct


The purpose of this code of conduct is to indicate the standard of professional behavior to which BizTeam members will conduct themselves and their business activities as they relate to BizTeam and its members. It can be used by members to measure their own behavior, and as a reference when considering the behavior of others.

As a member of BizTeam, you agree that we may modify the terms of this code of conduct from time to time at our sole discretion, which we will do by updating the web page.

You also agree that the management of BizTeam will be the sole judge as to what behavior is outside of this code and may take whatever action it deems necessary to correct violations of this code. BizTeam retains the right to cancel or suspend a member’s service at any time without cause or notice. BizTeam considers the following to be a reasonable basis for termination: suspected violations of the code of conduct or Terms of Service Agreement, extended periods of inactivity; fraudulent or illegal activities; age misrepresentation; or nonpayment of any fees owed to BizTeam for services.

If you do not agree with these terms do not join BizTeam.

When using BizTeam or attending a BizTeam event you agree NOT TO:

Threaten, disrupt, intimidate, libel or defraud any individual, business, or group in any way including but not limited to age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, religion or disability. Furthermore, you will not encourage any one else to do so.

Publish, or transmit any material that is illegal or violates local and national laws or that contains obscenity, child pornography, illegal drugs, hatred, bigotry, racism, violence or use of weapons.

Do anything that might harm or exploit minors in any way.

Invade privacy by attempting to collect or publish private or personally identifiable information.

Falsify any information, impersonate another individual, BizTeam representative, or moderator, or misrepresent affiliation with a person or business.

Inappropriately access or harm any computer, network, server or system, or violate security or operational procedures, policies or regulations.

Overload any mail service, transmit or transfer any harmful or disruptive viruses, worms, computer code, files, or programs.

Violate contractual or fiduciary relationships, infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret or copyright, encourage or instruct unauthorized copying or circumvention of copy protection, pirating of intellectual property, distribute or disseminate inappropriate, unauthorized or unsolicited advertising or promotional offers including, but not limited to, contests, sweepstakes, junk mail, spam and pyramid schemes.

Use BizTeam member profile content to obtain personally identifiable information, or to solicit or sell to any member inappropriately.

Copy any portion of the BizTeam website without BizTeam's express written authorization.




Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems, including digital delivery systems, to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. You will not use BizTeam to transmit any unsolicited bulk or commercial email ("Spam"). Furthermore, you will not post content: in inappropriate categories, with excessive frequency; in multiple categories or multiple cities; or with identical or substantially identical text or photography.




In the broadest sense, BizTeam will not tolerate the posting, seeking, linking or referencing of any child pornography.