General Questions

1. How fast will my reviews show up in Google?

It can take up to 2 weeks for your new reviews to show up in Google.

2.  How long is contract?

We only have month to month service. No Contracts!

3.  How fast will my marketing site show up in Google  after I sign up?

It can take up to 2 to 6 weeks for Google to properly indexed your site.

4. Why is there a $199.00 Setup Fee and $149.95 monthly fee?

We have to build a marketing site for your company and optimize it to show up in Google.  In addition, we have to input your business name into 13 Business Directories. The monthly fee are for use of our platform and submission into our business directories owned by BizTeam.

5. Are we limited to how many reviews we can have?

No, you can have as many reviews as you wish. We want the good word to spread about your business.

6. Can we add old reviews from letters from customers, from emails and other forms of media and change the date to reflect the date of the letter etc?

Yes, you can login to BizTeam and click add Review. You add the review and select the date of the reviews and submit. It’s that easy.

7. How does BizTeam control or manage the reviews.

We have an internal audit system that manages all client’s reviews. If we see unusual activity on your account, we will investigate. If you are found guilty of  inputting fake reviews, you will be terminated and black listed from our platform.

8. Do you offer refunds or partial refunds?

We don’t offer any refunds. You must contact BizTeam 30 days in advance to cancel your services. You can call 800-BIZTEAM or just email to cancel. Please view our terms of service.

More to come at a later date….